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February 5, 2014 / anisahnurfajarwati

Petualangan Sherina

“Petualangan Sherina” (Drama 2 hours) staring Sehrina Munaf, Derby Romero, Djaduk Ferianto, Ucy Nurul, Matias Muchus, Didi Petet, Ratna Riantiarno, Butet Kertaredjasa and Henidar Amroe. directed by Riri Riza. It was published in 2000. “Petualangan Sherina” is real life fiction about friendship, grief and challenge adventure in telling story of Sherina (Sherina Munaf) and her new friend Sadam (Derby Romero).


Sherina is a little girl who is smart, active and she likes singing. She lives in Jakarta with her parents Mr and Mrs Darmawan (Matias Muchus and Ucy Nurul), but she must live hes friends when her father is accepted to work in Mr. Ardiwilaga’s (Dedi Petet) farm in Lembang. In new district Sherina gets new friends quickly, but she becomes ignorance target of bandits in her new class, they are Sadam and his friends. Sherina cannot receive it, then she invites her new friends to fight Sadam and his friends.

In short holiday, Sherina has time to know Sadam more, because Sadam is son of Mrs. Ardiwilaga (Ratna Riantiarno). Sherina and Sadam wound in the challenge adventure which test their talented, courage and cooperation to fight the really bandits whoa are lead by Mr. Raden (Butet Kertaredjasa) the messenger of Kertarajasa (Djaduk Ferianto). Kertarajasa wants to manage Mr. Ardiwilaga’s farm to become real estate.

This movie is fit to consume by children in our country because this movie tells about the real adventure of children now. This story gives the moral message to the audience that we must get what we want without giving up and don’t be afraid if we get problem anytime and anywhere.

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