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April 30, 2013 / anisahnurfajarwati

Sustainable House

House is a place where we start and finish our activities every day. There are many reasons to make our house comfortable and pleasant. Unmaintained house will be uncomfortable to live in. as the result, it will only be a burden to carry on the activities, physically or mentally.


House maintenance preferably starts after the house is in habited from the first time. Choose the well built and the well structured house. To examine the structure, choose an angle where you can view the house as a whole, hence you will know whether there is any misplaced structure on the house. Next, you have to examine the water supply and electricity of the house, because both are vital for daily activities. Make sure every system works well, and there are no broken parts or leaks. Don’t forget to check the rooms. Make sure the drainage and plumbing work well.

If there is a broken part, you have to fix it immediately to prevent further damage. Therefore, you have to choose the strong and well tools or materials. Don’t hesitate to spend your money in getting qualified tools and materials, because it will be better than if you will always have to repair it.

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