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January 31, 2012 / anisahnurfajarwati

Brain, Money, and Chrime

Crime could happen anytime and anywhere. There are factors that cause it. However, there are also countless steps taken in order to cope with it. To reduce crime, we need to pay attention on those factors that cause crime, which are poverty and low quality education. It would never be enough to spread police around the street and send criminals to the jail.

Poverty is the vital problem for some third world countries such as Indonesia. The high rate of poverty level in Indonesia remained as unsolved problem every year. Imbalanced social life is clearly seen in daily life. It is one of the factors causing crime which grows increasingly. The daily needs of life that kept increasing unstoppably had forced poor people to commit crimes’ such as stealing, burglary, and homicide in order to fulfill those needs. The government should fulfill hold socialization and workshop about entrepreneurship for people. They can live independently with their economic effort. Besides poverty also triggered low quality education, only those luckily people can attend good quality education in school. Lessons about religion, morality, and ethic should have been taught in school an empowered by parents at house. When it comes to lack of teaching on those lessons, it could push someone to commit crime. Therefore, the government needs to distribute the money of people’s tax on improving quality of school.

On the other hand, it seems that crimes happen not only because of poverty and low quality education. In fact, rich and high educated people could commit crime as well. For example in Indonesian it is very common to face government staffs committing corruption. Meanwhile, we all already knew that government staffs are high educated people.  We also knew that recently there have been several sexual harassment cases and it came up to the point of raping. However, those cases involved teachers and students. To make it worse, lawmen such as politicians, judge, lawyers and police also committed crime involving not only corruption but also homicide.

Hence, government should pay more attention to those factors to press the number of crime. Anyone could commit crime. It is fundamental to apply religion, morality, and ethic education from the early life. Besides, the government should socialize and holding workshop about various life aspects.

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